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Have you ever had that one person,
who you don't talk to much but you'd risk your own life for them?
Someone who you can not speak to for ten years and when you do it's like the last time
you both spoke to each other was just yesterday?
I do.

He's my best friend, and I'd do anything for him.
I love him to pieces more than he'll ever know.
I'm so comfortable around him it's unspeakable.
My feelings for him, they are also unspeakable.

Theres a large distance between us and when we're near each other,
Shes there.
She being his ex,who doesn't give me a chance to be near him.

Have you ever had that one person, that one friend that your oh so close to,
That you love with all your heart.But you know deep down they may never be yours?
I do.
And I hate it.
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February 12, 2012
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