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Today, I made a list for you.
A list for me,
To help me to figure out if it's worth waiting for you.

I sat for about an hour thinking of all the good things about you.
The bad things about you.
The first the clear winner.

I re-made this list and tried to get rid of all my feelings for about five or ten.
The first still won.

Your kind,Your sweet,
Your eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen,
You make me laugh,Your laugh,Your smile.

I know I will probably never get someone like you,
I mean come on, your amazing, what would you do with a girl like me?
I hope you prove me wrong.

Maybe I'll get the courage one day?
Maybe you'll tell me first.
I can only hope.
Okay, basically I really like this guy(ha when is it never about that :P ) And today I was wondering weather waiting and liking you,is worth my time. So I made a pro's and Con's list.And his pros won clearly :P :) The final lines are about how amazing he is , and how to me in comparison, I can never see him going for someone like me and how that I hope that he'll prove me wrong one day when ever myself or himself decides to tell one another. so..fingers crossed :)
RedRainX Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012
worth liking him* :P
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