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It's simple.Not difficult.Easy for me to admit to myself,
I like you.I love you.I hate you.
Okay I've never experienced the third one with you.
Honestly,I can't keep it in any longer.
I cannot continue to hide my feelings,But I have to.
I can't be so vulnerable.What ever makes me think you'd like me?
I mean my god I am not perfect.You say you don't have an ideal girl,
But even with that support I feel I'm not good enough for you.
I remember every moment we spend together,I always wonder if you do too?
I feel the warmth of your hugs spread through my body,I feel a rush of happiness and I feel secure.Do you?
Everyday I dream of being held in your arms and you telling me you'll never let go.
I dream of you getting down on one knee and asking me to be with you forever.
But those are just dreams,I'd never experience such an amazing reality.
I remember one day,not so long ago.I stared into your eyes and saw deep into your soul.
I saw that you were genuinely kind,as amazing as could be.One of those guys from the movies,
The one of which every girl dreams.But it's not like the movies,It's not that simple.
Your not the guy who would stand up in front of a girl and ask her to be his,your shy.
But I could be wrong, maybe you just don't want to do that with me.
No matter how much I try to find bad things about you,I struggle.
It's impossible for you to be awful,You really are a perfect man.
I love you, oh so much that words can never explain.I just want you to hold my hand,
so I can feel like I have a friend.I'm standing here today,just to let you know.I love you
so much,too bad you'll never know.
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April 24, 2012
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